October 29, 2017 _conbeyconv

We’re stoked to announce that the #StrawsUponRequest Campaign we launched last July has been finalized in the City of SLO & will be in effect March 1. This does not ban the item, but transitions to a system reliant on consumer demand. This slight shift is easily replicable by other cities and if scaled out can reduce a lot of avoidable waste heading to our landfills. More importantly may it serve as a trigger point reminding us that there are many single-use items we consume regularly that we as individuals can aim to reduce our usage of. A big thanks to all of you that helped in one way or another. It’s a great demonstration that as individuals and as a collective we can make a difference; one step at a time. #ConsciousBeyondConvenience #KeepItClean #OWNit

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