Write emailcouncil@slocity.org to offer support. If you believe this is the right direction, your contribution of three minutes will make a big difference… voices are needed. The Clean Energy Choice for New Buildings program would amend the local building code to accelerate the transition to zero-emission electric buildings. While providing options to those who still want to develop buildings with gas: Such projects would need to meet higher energy efficiency standards, and would be required to offset the pollution from their gas use by paying an in-lieu fee to help retrofit existing buildings. More than 50 cities and counties across California are pursuing similar local codes to shift to zero-emission electric new construction. Promoting the switch to electricity in buildings is a key way to meet the city’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2035—residential and commercial buildings are responsible for one-quarter of California’s greenhouse gas emissions—and it also offers direct health and economic benefits to residents by avoiding the indoor air pollution, fire risks especially during earthquakes, and rapidly increasing gas prices. Building all-electric also lowers utility bills, shielding customers from hikes in gas prices. For example, Southern California Gas company—which serves SLO—has requested rate increases of 42 percent between 2018 and 2022, and Energy and Environmental Economics (E3) reported in its draft Future of Gas study for the California Energy Commission that it expects gas rates to continue to increase rapidly through 2050, making gas increasingly unaffordable. By voting for the Clean Energy Choice for New Buildings ordinance, San Luis Obispo’s council-members will position their city to lead a wave of other cities and counties across California in constructing a cleaner, healthier, safer, and more affordable future.

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Whether you are filling out your mail-in ballots, or preparing to visit the polls tomorrow, we urge you yet again to vote Yes on 68! This proposition would approve a statewide bond, allowing CA to upgrade and maintain existing parks and open spaces, conserve critical landscapes, and ensure a protected water supply for all Californians. Visit the link in bio for info- and thank you for voting! @landconservancyslo #YesOn68 #ConsciousBeyondConveneince #OpenSpace ? by @luketyreephotography

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You don’t have to be far off the beaten path to realize that what nature has created over then course of time is worth engaging & protecting. #ConsciousBeyondConvenience ? @gold_chaynes Winners of our @shabangslo ticket giveaway are @ivanabrooke & @bryanna_fuller They’ll have your names on a ticket list at the event.

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We’ve been on a social media hiatus, but we have some awesome announcements to make in regards to waste reduction, land conservation, and volunteer opportunities. We’ll be updating all of you on that shortly, but for now, we’ll offer our steady reminder; get outside and find out for yourself why nature is worth respecting and protecting. #OWNit #KeepItClean #ConsciousBeyondConvenience ? by @colin_nearman

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You’d be hard pressed to go outside consistently and not begin to recognize our connection to nature. #OWNit #KeepItClean #LeaveYourPrintsNotYourCarbon #ConsciousBeyondConvenience ? by Co-Founder @gold_chaynes

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Please send your comments opposing offshore drilling leasing proposal. Link in our bio. goo.gl/fpSVMg The administration has announced its plans to open over 90% of America’s Outer Continental Shelf for offshore oil, gas and mineral exploration/development. This program proposes the largest number of lease sales in U.S. History including Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans including California. The American public does not support this plan. In response to Trump’s initial Executive Order on this, over 850,000 comments were received expressing support for marine sanctuaries and monuments – overwhelming response! The public comment period is now open and you may comment as many times as you like. We encourage individuals to give their comment as the last comment session counted petitions and letters with multiple signatories as a single comment. The written comments are important. The “listening sessions” being held at the state capitols are NOT public hearings with opportunities to comment. NO offshore oil and gas exploration and development KEEP our national marine monuments and sanctuaries intact and protected The public and much of the Petroleum industry does not want offshore petroleum development. goo.gl/fpSVMg // link in our bio. ?@805aerial

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Removing yourself from the constructs of society, entering a place of isolation, and observing the natural world can foster a perspective that drives one to recognize the flaws of our daily consumption patterns. We encourage you to get out and take it upon yourself to make whatever sacrifices you find reasonable in an effort to reduce your physical impact on this planet. Those small shifts may ripple into your networks and collectively we can lead ourselves to a better future. There is no good reason not to try, give it a go…? #OWNIt #KeepItClean #LeaveYourPrintsNotYourTrash #ConsciousBeyondConvenience ?by @gold_chaynes

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11 billion tons of glacial ice melt due to our “warming environment”. Human influence, greenhouse effects, gas emissions and aerosols are studied to be the main perpetrators. So what can we do? How about we find a balance of both, respect and enjoyment? Think of your daily impact as a vote for or against the planet. Everyone’s vote matters. The little things add up and yes you can make a difference. ~ Influence others by limiting your single use items especially plastics, research about diet, carpool when you can, thrift stores for clothes, or buy clothes with lifetime warranties, eat local and or grow your own food, compost and so much more! @kaitlyntolinproductions

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Be nice, to everyone, and everything.