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We   are here to inspire the lives of others by preserving and improving the environment we live in while advocating for community involvement.

Inspired by childhood adventures and a love for the natural beauty of our home, in 2013 we set out as a group of friends to instill a high value on nature in our community moving forward.

The vision has since expanded
In an effort to make caring cool, we serve as an environmental collective promoting active outdoor lifestyles. We believe the more time you spend outside, the more connected you become to the natural world, inspiring people to act on behalf of preserving our ecology for generations to come.

Our products & services foster environmental awareness and our efforts are focused on projects that advance environmental progress.

Community Efforts

We’ve collaborated with local environmental organizations including Surfrider and ECOSLO to aid in banning styrofoam in neighboring communities. In addition we’ve moved forward a measure to ban single-use water bottles and implement hydration stations in our city’s infrastructure to enable citizens to opt for reusables more conveniently. As we grow, our collaborative efforts will continue and our push to limit our collective waste will only gain momentum. Recently, we had the pleasure to tell the story about the Learning Among the Oaks Program put on by the Land Conservancy.

Hiking Trail Signs

We are currently working with the City of San Luis Obispo to place informative hiking trail signs across our region’s open space. Our signs are present to deter littering and limit user impact. By raising awareness of our relationship with nature these signs work to preserve our open space for the years ahead.
San Luis Obispo County Hiking Trail Signs by One With Nature

We’ve partered with The City of San Luis Obispo to remind hikers and cyclists to keep our open space trash free. Look for them around the various trails here in SLO County.

Motivating Californians to Go Solar

California is supposed to be a leader in climate initiatives, and now they are gutting one of the most impactful carbon reduction technologies that benefit everyone. The economics are changing that will halt solar adoption, and we are trying to get the word out.

Net metering is a critical component of solar economics. Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for excess electricity they add to the grid. Current NEM 2.0 policy allows California homeowners to pay back their solar panels often 2-3x over in a 30 year span. Credits are worth more, and can be rolled over month to month. This is critical as more power is produced during summer months, allowing you to “shore up” for winter when you generate less electricity than you use.

In January 2022 California’s CPUC scheduled to decrease net metering rates completed gutted current incentives. NEM 3.0 initial terms were so outrageous in favoring the utilities they received incredible anger and pushback. California homeowners and the solar industry were up in arms. Around 500 people voiced their frustration and anger during a public hearing Zoom call.

After the public outrage, the CPUC is set to define new NEM 3.0 terms that won’t be as bad as the ones initially proposed, but still much worse than NEM 2.0. The new policy is set to take effect sometime this summer.

Experts predict if you get solar installed past August 2022, you’ll be forced into NEM 3.0. Instead of paying off your solar panels in 10 years with NEM 2.0, it will become more like 15 years+ to pay back your solar panels. To learn if solar makes sense for you, we are coordinating 1v1 Solar Education Workshops with a local expert and mentor.

Cal Poly Zero Waste Club

Video we produced for Cal Poly’s Zero Waste Club showcasing what they’re doing to make waste more efficient.

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