January 21, 2016 _conbeyconv

We’re all stoked on the beauty this world has to offer, so why would we want to diminish its quality for the sake of our convenience? Two people spent 15 minutes cleaning up on a beach and this was the result. The accumulation of plastic waste in our oceans is a worthy concern for our generation and the best way to address it is to personally limit your consumption of singe use plastics. This includes straws, water bottles, plastic silverware, plastic cups, etc… because quite often recycling is not available and this durable material finds its way into our environment. It will linger for centuries and work its way into the food chain which presents a major threat to the worlds wildlife. Therefore we should begin to break free from this dangerous consumption habit. #OWNIt #KeepItClean #LeaveYourPrintsNotYourCarbon #ConsciousBeyondConvenience ????: @fusillo.foto

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