February 11, 2016 _conbeyconv

The whole family at O.W.N. has begun to get more involved in activism as our vision has begun to grow and gain traction. What we can say is there are many problems out there that need to be addressed and we truly do have the potential to exert influence on these issues. We encourage you all to keep going outside, understand your relationship to this world, and our role in it. Collectively we can gain much strength to speak out for what we believe in. One thing is for certain, we’ve all been moved by nature and the experiences it allows us to have in this life. ???????????????? For that reason we must speak up for it. We’re grateful for all the support we’ve received thus far and want to let you know that we are committed to working for positive change in this world. Let’s not be Idol as we move forward. Cheers to the Journey ???? ????: @colin_nearman #OWNIt #KeepItClean #LeaveYourPrintsNotYourCarbon #ConsciousBeyondConvenience

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