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Please send your comments opposing offshore drilling leasing proposal. Link in our bio. goo.gl/fpSVMg The administration has announced its plans to open over 90% of America’s Outer Continental Shelf for offshore oil, gas and mineral exploration/development. This program proposes the largest number of lease sales in U.S. History including Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans including California. The American public does not support this plan. In response to Trump’s initial Executive Order on this, over 850,000 comments were received expressing support for marine sanctuaries and monuments – overwhelming response! The public comment period is now open and you may comment as many times as you like. We encourage individuals to give their comment as the last comment session counted petitions and letters with multiple signatories as a single comment. The written comments are important. The “listening sessions” being held at the state capitols are NOT public hearings with opportunities to comment. NO offshore oil and gas exploration and development KEEP our national marine monuments and sanctuaries intact and protected The public and much of the Petroleum industry does not want offshore petroleum development. goo.gl/fpSVMg // link in our bio. ?@805aerial

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