March 7, 2016 _conbeyconv

For those that live in our base of San Luis Obispo and find themselves valuing the Ontario Ridge Trail also known as the “Avila Ridge” there is a hearing tomorrow where the future of it will be decided. The land was purchased a few years ago and the new owner is trying to close the public easement. If you’d like to fight this possibility and to help keep open this resource which brings much value to many people within our community; please email in or attend tomorrow’s meeting. Meeting 1055 Monterey St. San Luis Obispo, CA Supervisor emails: Adam Hill- Bruce Gibson- Frank Mecham- Lynn Compton – Debbie Arnold- If you care, don’t be idol and let’s fight the good fight. Definitely worth an email ???? ????: @chunklat_thundr #OWNIt #KeepItClean #LeaveYourPrintsNotYourCarbon #ConsciousBeyondConvenience

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